The Uganda APRM Process is managed by an independent National Governing Council (NGC). The National Planning Authority (NPA) is the secretariat. The major role of the NGC is to provide leadership, guidance and direction to the Uganda APRM process, including awareness and sensitization of the Ugandan public. The NGC assumed office in July, 2014. And so far it is engaged in the process of writing the 4th Uganda Annual Progress Report on the implementation of the APRM Programme of Action (PoA) covering the period June 2014 – July 2014. This Report shall be presented at the next APRM Forum to be held in June 2015 in South Africa.

The country is now embarking on the second phase of the Country Review Process that will culminate in the next APRM PoA. This is a process that is highly consultative in nature and therefore it is important that all stakeholders participate.

Uganda  APRM National Governing Council Members:

  1. Dr. Okello M. Robert (Chairperson)
  2. Ms. Hellen Grace Akwii-Wangusa
  3. Dr. Sallie Simba Kayunga
  4. Ms. Sarah Walusimbi
  5. Hon. Amos Lugoloobi
  6. Hon. Abia Christine Bako
  7. Ms. Silvia Angey Ufoyuru
  8. Mr. Joshua Kitakule
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