APRM Organisation

The APRM has four main bodies at the continental level:

  • APR Forum – a Committee of Participating Heads of States and Government of the Member States of the African Union that have voluntarily acceded to the APRM. The Forum is the highest decision-making authority of the APRM. 
  • The Panel of Eminent Persons exercises oversight of the APRM process with a view of ensuring the independence, professionalism and credibility of the process. It also oversees the selection of the APR Mission Teams and appoints them to conduct country reviews. 
  • The APRM Continental Secretariat – currently based in South Africa, provides technical, coordinating and administrative supports to the APRM.
  • The APRM Focal Points Committee: is intermediary between the APR Forum and APR Secretariat comprising the Personal Representatives of Heads of State and Government Participating in the APRM.

This Committee deals with:

a)      Budgetary process;
b)      Resource mobilization through member states, partners and Donors;
c)       Continuous interaction between the Secretariat, Focal Points and Partners;
d)      APRM Trust Fund and Audit.

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