APRM Thematic Areas

Performances and progress are measured in four substantive areas:

a.       Democracy and Political Governance (DPG) – Seeks to contribute to strengthening the political and administrative structures of African countries in line with the principles of democracy, transparency, accountability, integrity, respect for human rights and promotion of the rule of law. The 2007 AU Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance cites governance as requiring “undertaking regular reforms of the legal and justice systems,” and “improving efficiency and effectiveness of public services and combating corruption”

b.      Economic Governance and Management (EGM) – The broad national economic policy framework, the institutions, processes and practices in place that are aimed at facilitating, supporting or otherwise promoting an economic climate that encourages growth, poverty reduction and the general welfare of the citizens.

c.       Corporate Governance (CG) – seeks to promote an enabling environment and effective regulatory framework for  business organizations and other entities; ensure effective leadership and accountability of organisations; ensure ethical conduct within organisations; ensure that organisations treat stakeholders fairly and equitably, and ensure that organizations act as good corporate citizens.

d.      Socio-economic Development (SED) – Continuous improvement in the well-being and the standard of living of the people, which could be summarized in terms of income, health, education, environment and freedoms. For the first three of these, per capita income, life expectancy at birth, infant mortality and adult literacy are the proxies to be measured and compared.


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