Peer Review Aftermath

The National Programme of Action (PoA) is implemented after the peer review of a member state at a Summit of the APRM Heads of State and Government (APRM Forum). The PoA is divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term goals that can be monitored on a continuous basis. The monitoring body can be the National Commission/Governing Council, or a smaller representative body including state and non-state actors.

The body monitors the implementation of the PoA and prepares a six monthly Progress Report and an Annual Progress Report for the APRM Forum. After three years, the Member State is eligible for a subsequent review. In addition, the Base Documents stipulate that no later than six months following discussions on its contents, the Country Review Report considered by the APRM Forum of Heads of State and Government is officially and publicly tabled in sub-regional institutions. The Report is then made available to the public.

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